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Rate alert: new financial products reviewed

What is the real cost of 0.5pc Bank Rate?

Britons keep Ј5.6bn cash at home

Isa watch: five options for your family's tax free savings

Rate alert: cash Isas

Households have Ј2bn in 'emergency' cash

The wealthy trade luxury for value brands

Brits to save Ј33.3bn in cash Isas

Five best Isas

Isas: five best cash Isas

Banks close Isas before tax deadline

Wealth workout: the latest mortgage deals

David Cameron unveils Big Society bank to help savers invest in good causes

FSA should give savers low charges, not return projections

How can savers beat inflation?

Rate alert: latest financial products reviewed

Savers are locked out of a good rate of return

The best new deals on credit cards and savings

Martin Lewis: the over-50s plans with a hitch

Rate alert: the best savings accounts

Rate alert: new financial products reviewed
Already taken advantage of your Isa allowance? Luckily, there are some competitive taxable savings accounts on the market. Scottish Widows has launched a five-year bond that pays a market-leading 4.7pc for five years, and Vanquis Bank has a three-year account paying 4.01pc. We look at your options below.

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What is the real cost of 0.5pc Bank Rate?
Savers have lost more than £5,000 since the Bank of England reduced interest rates to a historic low of 0.5pc three years ago – but borrowers have cashed in.

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Britons keep £5.6bn cash at home
Consumers keep billions of pounds in cash in their homes – often because they don't trust the banks, according to a survey.

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Isa watch: five options for your family's tax free savings
The new Junior Isa scheme has not been welcomed by all. Although on paper the Jisa looks like a fantastic tax-efficient long-term savings plan for children, until the Government relents to roll the old Child Trust Funds into the Jisa scheme, there will be thousands of unsatisfied parents.

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Rate alert: cash Isas
Cash Isa savers will get a bonus if Rory McIlroy, the new world number one golfer, wins a major this year. We look at this and other cash Isas.

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Households have £2bn in 'emergency' cash
Britons could have more than £2bn squirrelled away in the form of "emergency cash" in case of unexpected bills, research has found.

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The wealthy trade luxury for value brands
Even Britain's wealthiest people are cutting back on basics to save money, switching to value brands and reducing their fuel consumption.

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Brits to save £33.3bn in cash Isas
British savers plan to deposit an estimated £33.3bn into cash Isas before the end of the tax year, with fixed rate cash Isas being the most preferred accounts.

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Five best Isas
There is a little more than a fortnight to go before the end of the Isa season. If you have yet to make the most of your £10,680 allowance (£5,340 of it for cash savings), then take a look at these five tax-efficient offerings.

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Isas: five best cash Isas
Banks and building societies have launched a rash of new savings accounts, aimed at those looking to make the most of their tax-free cash savings this year. Savers have until April 5 to deposit £5,340 into a cash Isa (Individual Savings Accounts). Unlike conventional savings accounts, interest is paid gross, without 20pc tax being deducted.

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Banks close Isas before tax deadline
Savers are being warned that Isa providers are pulling their products off the market before the end of the tax year.

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